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Warm Up For Strength Training

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Top 5 Warm Up Exercises To Perform In Gym

Bodybuilding has become the latest trend for all fashion icons. Hence most people like to give their body a good muscular outfit. In order to achieve this they consistently follow the diet advised and especially the necessary workouts. Workouts have been the main activity that they focus for building a muscular body. At the same time we have to remember that before getting ourselves involved in body building workouts, we have to perform some warm up exercises. They are strongly advised to follow. This is because they will get the initial touch to get engaged in regular workouts. In case ignoring the warm up exercises, the regular gym workouts may turn dangerous to your body.

The top 5 warm up exercises to perform in gym are as follows:

Push ups: this type of exercise is one of the most advised warm up exercise. They can be performed at any places though it is not a gym. All that you need to perform this warm up exercise is a little amount of free space. They are very much helpful in enhancing your body stamina before getting involved in regular gym workouts. They when followed frequently will also get you a small mass for your triceps and your abs ass well.

These push ups are very easy to do. Just face your palms to the floor and take your view at the floor. Stretch your legs and back generously such that your body and leg is in a straight line. Get yourself up and down and that’s all it is.

Sit Ups: these are the second most advised warm ups for gym workouts. They help in relief of your backs and abdominal exercises greatly. There are many types of sit ups. The standard sit ups are the most followed types of sit ups. All that you have to do in this type of sit ups is getting yourself seated and gaining back the standing position.

Spot Jumping: the third form of warm up exercises is spot jumping. This form of warm up exercise may seem silly but mind that it is more useful. It will help to build your leg muscles stronger. All that you have to do in this exercise is jumping at the spot where you are. The jump should in such way that your knees are put into a great strain.

Squats warm up exercises: This is also an easier exercise but at the same time very useful. It helps to give a fine structure and strengthen your thighs, buttocks and gains you a huge amount of stamina for your regular gym workouts. In this form of exercise you have to stand up and bend toward your knees and try to touch the floor.

Extension of back: the last but not least of top 5 warm up exercise is Back extension. It really helps in strengthening your stomach muscles and back muscles as well. It offers you a kind of relief. Just face down and try to lift your face in the direction of ceiling.

These are the top 5 warm up exercises which are strongly advised to follow before getting engaged with gym workouts. You can also read about other mistakes people make in gym. Ignoring them may turn dangerous while gym workouts.

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