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Top Strength Exercises

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Top five exercises that are considered to be great for muscle building

Nowadays there are many workouts through which muscle building can be done and you have a long list to choose from. We would consider top five exercises which are good for muscle building. If these are followed on regular basis along with excellent form then these exercises could quickly build up the muscle mass. These are quite fine rounded exercises, which pay attention to all your main muscle groups. All you require to add up is a strong desire in order to reach your target of muscle building.

Some of the top five best exercises for muscle building are as follows –

The first one is Squat, which is considered to be the best for building up lower muscles of the body. This exercise mainly concentrates on gluts and the quadriceps. Squat is actually highly beneficial for the calves, lower back and hamstrings and because of this squatting is also named as – The King of Muscle Building Exercises. Some of the most popular squat workouts are jump squat, front squat, air squat, back squat, pistol squat, overhead squat, split squat, dumbbell squat, hack squat, dumbbell front squat, zercher squat and box squat.

The next one is Deadlift and this is named as The Fastest Muscle Building Workout. In this type of exercise, a beginner or professional has to carry up heavy weighted barbells in the position - even handed bent over. It’s a fine exercise, that helps in building the muscles at a fast pace. There’re certain significant types of the deadlift exercises like Kuck pulls, Romanian deadlift, deadlift lockouts, sumo deadlift and side deadlift.   

The third is Bench Press. This is named as The Strength Training Exercise. Under this exercise, you would to do bench presses till your chest level. Then you have to push it till your arms are straight up keeping in mind that your elbows are safe and sound. Bench presses main focus is on the triceps, pectoral muscles, coracobrachialis, frontal deltoids and serratus anterior.

The Military Press is the fourth type of muscle building exercise and this is named as The Overhead Press weight training exercise. Military press main focus is on the deltoid muscles, which is around your shoulders. Moreover, this works pretty magnificently on the core as well as legs in general. Military exercise is even known as The Gorilla Press Slam.

The last type in top five exercises of building muscle is Straight Leg Deadlifts. This exercise is considered to be an excellent one if you want to strengthen the hamstring muscles. It’s an easy form of exercise, however if this isn’t executed correctly than it could lead to injury as well. Thus, you should be very careful when you are doing the Straight Leg Deadlifting exercise. You have to use about a fifteen inch grip. The moment you bring the weight downwards, tighten the gluts as well as bend at the hips. This would obviously focus the advantages on the hamstings and would also keep you away from any kind of injuries.

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