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Functional Strength Training is something very specific because the strength gained is much more natural and practical than doing conventional exercises. This functional strength is something that gets tested at strongman competitions throughout the world.

For example a functional strength trainer will use equipment that a normal strength trainer or bodybuilder would never use. Things like Farmers Walk Handles or Log Bars and Axle Bars. Also most strongmen competitions also require the tossing of Atlas Stones and using Battling Ropes, etc.

This is the functional strength that was well paid for before the industrial revolution which made every automated. Our forefathers that worked the land admired anyone who could toss a bale of hay or pull an ox out of the mud. It was the strength required that a man needed in order to survive.

Another good example that will improve your functional strength is kettlebells which can be used very effectively in a number of creative ways to improve your core functional strength. Another example is the Fat bar or thicker bars that increase the strength of your grip and improve your functional strength.

Today most functional strength trainers are motivated to compete in a strongman show as these strengths are no longer as valuable as they were a hundred years ago. This functional strength is also directly related to your health and general conditioning so it is always a healthy objective to shoot for.

The farmers walk which is basically standing or walking while holding the heaviest dumbbells in your gym, the objective is to try and beat the length of time that you were able to hold them last time you did this exercise. It is still based on progressive resistance but the strength that you develop from training like this does not necessary put on loads of muscle.

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