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Explosive Reps Variable Resistance

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Over the last 50 years the scientific research that has gone into studying the difference between free weight training called DCER (dynamic constant external resistance) and variable resistance has been very extensive and continues today in Sports Science.

Many of these studies were able to conclusively prove that training with explosive reps using a variable resistance gives a much better result than normal free weight training. These results in many different studies showed a dramatic increase in squatting and benching strength as well as vertical jump power.

In 1982 the great Dr.Hatfield also known as Dr.Squat published his first paper on what he called Compensatory Acceleration Training (CAT) which he said was able to improve efficiency resulting in more explosive power and less injuries. He described CAT by saying it was "pushing as hard as possible throughout the movement" or a high action velocity.

Over the years there have been quite a few variable resistance machines that have come and gone. It is unfortunate that not many of these machines ever made it to gyms except the praised D.V.R. machine. This ingenious machine uses accommodating leverages to increase the resistance over the full range of motion.

The D.V.R machine is not like a common cam or chain sprocket that you see on most gym floors because explosive repetitions can be done on the D.V.R machine. Dr. Gideon B. Ariel who not only proved Dr.hatfield to be correct with his assumptions about CAT but who also did a lot of research on the D.V.R machine added some ground breaking studies to variable resistance training.

He later said that when training on the D.V.R machine "The total muscular performance exceeds 85 percent of maximum muscular involvement throughout the range of motion permitting maximum muscular training for the particular muscular system involved."

In an article that was published a few years ago called "Barbell vs. Dynamic Variable Resistance" where it went into great detail about the correct use of variable resistance machines. The article can basically be summarized in two vitally important points to remember when training with variable resistance.

The resistance exercise should be performed using multiple joint motions i.e. compound movements.

The resistance exercise should be performed with explosive repetitions.

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