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Deadlift Assistance Exercises

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What are the best deadlift assistance exercises?

The first and most important aspect of doing any exercise but especially a deadlift is your form or your technique. It is simply vital that you do your deadlift correctly and the saying ‘practice makes perfect’ does not work here. The only thing that works with deadlifting is ‘perfect practice makes perfect’.

The definition of any assistance exercise is a movement or exercise that works the same muscles that you are needing assistance with. For example a squat would be an assistance exercise for a leg extension or a leg curl. The assistance movements that work for deadlift are many and also include squats of course.

For example Romanian deads, sumo deads, and rows are all very good assistance lifts for increasing your deadlift working weight or your deadlift max. When doing rowing movements it is a good idea to use both barbell and dumbbells which one could do by switching to the other hand when you reach the point of failure.

When doing a Sumo deadlift you will be shortening the distance your legs have to go, but it keeps the back work essentially the same. Something that really works well as an assistance lift for deadlift is the “stiff legged deadlift” or the Romanian Deadlift.

These are similar to good mornings where you do exactly the same with your legs just slightly bent but not locked out. You bring the weight on your shoulder down to the level of being parallel to the floor. Another good assistance exercise is the roman chair or even the pull-up bar.

All of these are very good assistance lifts which will help you increase the current weight that you are deadlifting. However an exercise that will guarantee to increase your deadlift form and strength is the good old bridge which you should try to attain three minutes in holding a bridge without stopping.

We are talking about good assistance lifts to aid your deadlift but it needs to be strongly added here that your nutrition and the quality and the amount of rest that you get are vital if you want to get results. You are growing the fastest and the most when you are resting and resting is a complete waste of time if your muscles do not have enough nutrition in them to repair correctly.

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