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Conor McGregor's Workout

Conor McGregor, a renowned Mixed Martial Arts fighter, has been using very particular training. The Irish wrestler, since he decided to face Floyd Mayweather, has been practicing and improving his agility with flying cards. Literally, the training is that his coach throws cards in the air and Conor must catch all the cards and thus awaken his agility and always be alert to any unexpected situation.

This training helps Conor develop his reaction time, precision, and defense. "The Notorious" found it convenient to apply this training method, especially to deal with opponents who could be faster than him.

Also for McGregor it is not necessary to work out, where you have to apply a lot of strength, but rather seek to train developing speed, accuracy, and knowing the exact weaknesses of their opponents. In one fight, the fighter performed one of the fastest Knock Outs in the world. It simply took 13 seconds to make a move that would generate the hit at the exact point so that his opponent fell without being able to react anymore. Thanks to his training of high quality, speed, and precision, the fighter only has to worry about knowing when and where he should give the correct blow to knock out his opponent.

McGregor believes that out-of-the-box workouts helped him quickly become a better fighter. Accenting graceful movements, and practicing without too much force can sound a bit hippie, but Conorís coaches ensure that you get good results by studying opponents to understand their weak points, and thus perfect a training technique where a movement develops, or a skill in particular is specialized.

Improving the mechanical techniques of the movements allows putting the body in positions that allow him to perform better blows and gain more force. The Irishman also applies a 13-minute workout that involves a series of movements, stretches, and positions that allow his body to reach certain conditions. Conor himself decided to share his 13 minute routine of 13 which consists of 6 different stretching movements, more than anything. It must be done as a circuit, repeatedly between 1 to 3 times, and each round of the circuit should last 13 minutes. Each movement performed takes a certain amount of time, which must be met in an accurate manner in order to obtain the appropriate result.

Workouts are not the only important thing for McGregor. Food, a good diet is more important, because if you do not consume the right foods you will never see the desired results. The fighter ensures that he maintains a firm and adequate diet according to the demands of his workouts.

McGregor believes that traditional strength training is overrated. People stagnate doing the same thing over and over again. Nevertheless, Conor prefers to leave this monotony, wanting to be an expert in many different things. Flying cards, stretches, and movements within a limited time are some of the different trainings performed by Conor McGregor. His strategy, other than the basic training, seems to have been working well since he has managed to obtain several titles in the world of fights.

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