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Ideal Male Body Measurement Calculator

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What are the ideal measurements for a bodybuilder?

There is no correct answer to that question because there are different sizes to any bodybuilder that range from the shortest of Mohammed Makkaway 5"4' to the huge Rolf Muller 6"8' who were competitive professional bodybuilders. In a bodybuilder competition the judges don’t come up on stage and measure your arms, you are judged on appearance only.

The great Steve Reeves who competed with arms of 18.5 inches and calves of 18.5 inches as well as his neck of exactly the same measurements, thighs of 27 inches, chest of 54 inches and a waist of 30 inches. In his book called the Classic Physique he said that there was definitely a set rule for ‘ideal proportion’ and they were:

Muscle to bone ratios:
Arm size = 252% of wrist size
Calf size = 192% of ankle size
Neck Size = 79% of head size
Chest Size = 148% of pelvis size
Waist size = 86% of pelvis size
Thigh size = 175% of knee size

Steve went farther than that to say that these measurements can also be worked backwards like:
6.5 times your wrist gives chest girth
85% of the chest girth produces the hips
Take 70% of the chest girth for the waist
53% of the chest gives the thigh girth
The neck size is 37% of the chest
36% of the chest produces the upper arm girth
The calves come out a little less at 34%
The forearms get 29% of the chest measurement

There has been a lot of study done on this subject over the years and these days one can refer to what is called the Adonis Index (A.I.) but these ideal proportions are specifically measured to see what women are attracted to do and have nothing to do with winning a bodybuilding competition.

A successful bodybuilder presents a well-balanced symmetry as close to perfect as possible. He/she needs to be able to show depth, definition size and shape. It is all well presented in a way that needs to be both proportionate to his/her head, shoulders and even the feet, it is a total package.

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