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Shin Splints Strengthening Exercises

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Having shin-splits is serious as you will simply be unable to continue the movement that caused the pain to start in the first place. This means rest, which could mean a well-earned change in your training routine. This could actually be a blessing in disguise as it is always good to vary different movements to increase your core conditioning that you are doing.

After you have rested and the pain has started to dissipate completely you should start preventing it from happening again by doing a few basic exercises. The slow strengthening of your shin muscles is a gradual process like changing any muscle in the body, but it needs to be developed totally free from any pain.

The first step to avoid this kind of thing happening again is to stretch but strengthening the shin would certainly help to prevent you getting shin splints again. Movements like toe raises are good as they directly flex the shins that you could start by doing sets where the first set is done to see how many you can do so you have a yardstick to measure your progress with.

You do toe raises by sitting down with both feet on the floor and then lifting the toes off the floor as high as you can while pushing your heels down. You then hold this position and come back where you started. Doing 2 or 3 sets like this with 10 or 20 reps will definitely help over time, however you should only do this as long as there is no pain at any time when doing this movement.

Another good exercise for shin splints is calf raises, which should be started off by doing both legs at the same time. These can be done anywhere however if you stand on a step with your heels hanging off the step and simply go on the tips of your toes and you will be doing calf raises.

To work the other muscles on your calves you will need to bend your knee and raise your ankles to engage the soleus muscle on the side of your lower leg. Another movement is the Resisted dorsiflexion which is something that you could do with a band.

The resistance can be added by getting someone to help by pushing against your toes or you can simply tie a band around the front of your foot so that the resistance increases when you lift your toes to the ceiling. This is done by fixing the band on the floor in front of you and then dorsi-flexing your foot against the resistance.

Heel and toe walking is another way that you can directly isolate the shin muscles. This is done by simply exaggerating the ankle movements that you make when walking. Walking to one side of the room on your heels or your toes will isolate either your shins or your calves.

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