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Workout Cool Down

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How to cool down after a workout?

If you are just starting to work-out for the first time then you need to not only be aware of how to exercise correctly like technique and form but also you need to always cool down after your workout. Cooling down is just as important as working out always has been and always will be.

If you are already working out on a regular basis then you more than likely know all about how to cool down correctly and if you don't know then you should know. There are a number of benefits that you can get from cooling down correctly.

The first is that when doing cardio like jogging, rowing or a treadmill workout you need to avoid a sudden stop in physical activity as it can cause blood pooling in your legs, your blood pressure could drop and you could get very dizzy.

Or you could just slow down your stride and walk for three to five minutes (or longer if it was an exceptionally intense effort). But you should also do a bit of stretching after your heart-rate has returned to normal. Stretching is a good thing to do after your workout for a number of reasons.

After strength training or cardio, your muscles are warmed up so they're more elastic and pliable. This means that you're going to see the most benefits in flexibility and stretching also relaxes the tension from the workout. Stretching also maintains circulation in key areas and expedites the healing process after muscles begin breaking down.

Cooling down is even important after a strength workout. After lifting you should always do some dynamic stretches such as walking lunges or yoga poses. Stretching will not only bring your heart rate back down to a more calm state but it will push the much needed nutrients in your blood to help the repair process.

You always need to make sure that you are drinking plenty of water. It not only reduces muscle soreness the next day but also the weight you lost in water needs to be replenished plus 25 to 50 percent to make up for what you'll lose in urine.

You should always have a protein drink 15 to 30 minutes after your workout, when your metabolic window is open. What this means is that your muscles are more reactive to absorbing nutrients. A good protein shake will put carbohydrates and protein back into your muscles so they can rebuild and get stronger.

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