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Weight Lifting Exercises To Avoid

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There is no doubt that the subject on what movements that should be avoided completely when training with weights is a controversial one as it will greatly depend on how tall you are and what genetics G-d has given you. The first example we are going to mention here is something called the king of all exercises called the squat.

Doing squats correctly is vitally important as you know, however if you are over 510 then it is recommended that you avoid doing squats in your workouts completely. If you objective is to build mass then you should rather do hack squats and leg press movements with strict form and full range of movement.

The chances that you will eventually put too much strain on your lower back, if you are tall is something that you want to avoid as the stress that you put on your knees and spine is just something that can and will cause injury in the long term.

The next exercise that you should always avoid doing no matter how tall or short you might be is the behind neck press movement. It is a completely unnatural movement and will only result in injury in the long term and you should NEVER take any weight behind your neck including pull-downs and pull-ups.

The next exercise that you should avoid whether you are a tall man or a short man or woman is the bent-over barbell rows for back. It not only puts your lower back in a vulnerable position but also forces your hands into an unnatural position.

A much better alternative is the T-bar rows as you can stand more upright which will put less stress on the lumbar region. Another good alternative to bent-over rows is one-arm rows but you can also do the rowing machine using a chest pad which will help you take nearly all your lower-back action from the movement.

The last movement that should be avoided if you want to gain strength or add muscle size to your frame is the barbell curl. The main reason is that when you consider how your hands sit at your sides they are never with your palms forward. This simple puts too much stress on your inner elbows when doing curls. Rotating the wrist like doing a cambered bar curl is the best alternative, otherwise use a dumbbell preacher curls so that you can rotate the wrist.

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