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Gym Safety Precautions

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Strength Training Safety Tips

Strength training tips that will help you avoid getting injured is something that everyone should take very seriously as an injury will cause you to lose any and all gains that you might have made up to that point.

If you consult the top professionals they will more than likely tell you that when training for strength you need to leave your ego at home. This is vitally important, as you need to ALWAYS concentrate on doing the exercise with the correct form.

The correct form or technique when doing an exercise is everything and this can only be done by adhering to the basic and well-proven rules. Avoid any momentum when training is vital so that you will avoid any injury that can so easily be caused when you train using momentum.

The correct way to lift a weight is to lift it slowly, which means 2 seconds on the concentric movement or pushing the weight against gravity and 3 seconds on the down movement or the eccentric contractions where you are working with gravity.

Wear the correct clothing when you train so that you will always have free range of movement and doing squats when you are wearing your jeans is not a good idea. Just like the above point of jerking or bouncing the weight and using momentum, it can cause injuries.

The last point when training for strength and avoiding injury is to be aware of your surroundings and watch how you are feeling. This means that you should always immediately stop training if you start to feel a little bit dizzy or maybe you feel like you want to feint.

If you are training to increase your strength then you are putting your body through the extremes of its ability and this could result in a cold sweat or sweating when you are cold which could mean that you are nearly in a state of shock.

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