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Box Squats, Bench Squat Benefits

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It seems that people are talking more about box squats than has ever being discussed previously. The benefits from doing box squats where you have a box or a low bench that you sit on when doing a squat have been well documented so we will discuss what they are and why.

The argument that using a box is certainly controversial as there are some who say it teaches perfect technique and there are others who say it works your hips and not your quads. As we all know it is coming up from a squat which is the most difficult part and when you have a place to sit for a split second it boosts your concentric-eccentric rhythm and is able to produce a higher max force in very short time as you come up.

It is important that if you have never used box squats that you start with the development and use the box correctly. There should be three phases when learning to box squat. The first phase is when you get a box or bench that is about 2 to 3 inches higher than parallel when you squat.

You then train this for two weeks and then lower the box so that you are doing a normal parallel squat. After training this for two weeks you would then do ATG (ass to the grass) below parallel so that you get the full range of strength when doing box squats.

Box squats have been used for years by power-lifters all over the world and yet the bodybuilding community are starting to ask questions about using this technique to get stronger. The argument for not using the box squat for training legs on a regular basis is that your wide stance when doing box squats negates the isolation on quads.

It certainly sounds like good advice for a beginner to do box squats because of the benefit of perfecting his/her squat technique. Learning how to squat correctly is the key to building muscle on a long-term basis just like Dr. Fred Hatfield said more than 30 years ago.

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